For the last decade or so societies all over the world have been producing and consuming information at a rate never encountered before.

The need to deal with the growing amount of information and its complexity has increased the demand for skilled people who can make sense of it all, people who can think abstractly to create environments where information is usable, findable, and coherent across multiple contexts and channels. These people are Information Architects.

In 2012, World IA Day was created to celebrate and bring awareness to the practice of information architecture. Our community believes IA should be a skill-set accessible to more people. Since its inception, World IA Day has provided free education to more than 10K attendees in over 12 languages.

Every February, locations from all over the world come together to teach, learn, and shape the future of information architecture. 

Tampa Bay celebrated for the second year in a row on February 20th 2016. We will post our talks here in the next month.

In the meantime, see what happened around the world!


Because World IA Day Tampa Bay is free to attend, we need community partners and supporters to help make this event happen. Whether a company can provide an in-kind service, or a financial donation, these contributions make a huge difference. 

Our 2016 sponsors share our belief in community building and their generosity and support has enabled us to keep our event free to all. 

   Our awesome 2016 sponsors.

   Our awesome 2016 sponsors.


Tampa Bay is proud to be a part of a global community of IA and UX professionals who believe in making their community better. Each year a new theme is selected, new cities join, and our community continues to grow. 

A lot of love goes into making this event happen in each city and much of it will be archived this Spring for your viewing pleasure.

View 2015 talks from around the world.


Our mission is to make a positive impact in our community all year round. We have a few things in the works and will share the details soon.